Welcome to my blog! Here you’ll find not only tasty recipes but also kitchen tips and fun facts about foods from around the world. I am also, going to be posting about weight loss tips and easy recipes you can make to not break your diet. I have lost 96lbs not really following a certain diet, I created something that worked for me and I want to help you create something that works for you!

My story with food goes back to when I was little, I am from Peru, and I remember being in the kitchen seeing my grandmother cook and make big dinner parties. Sometimes, my cousin and I would get to help her make bread, we would stay in the kitchen all afternoon and we had so much fun, those moments are one of my most cherish memories. It is not until I was living on my own that I really started to get into the art of cooking and slowly I began to fall in love with food and my kitchen became my favorite place in the house, I was always trying to recreate dishes I saw my grandma make, and slowly I started to make own version of those dishes. I have lived in Miami for 10 years and being there made me fall in love with all sort of different types of foods and dishes, each country has a unique style to a dish that I find fascinating and they are ALL delicious!

My culinary point of view is food that is easy, made from ingredients you will use regularly (not just one time for this one dish, it has happened to me before), and healthy with a Latin twist.

I hope you enjoy this blog and the recipes, and thank you for embarking on this culinary journey with me.

Much love,


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