Confessions of a tuna can

You forgot to defrost meat the night before? don’t worry I have a solution to your problems its called tuna. Canned tuna can get a bad rep sometimes but its so versatile and inexpensive its so hard to resist, it also has a long shelf life. In this blog you are going to find many different types of recipes containing tuna. There is a difference between types of tuna like the which is better oil or water base? Well, the answer is it all depends.

If you are trying to lose weight and are counting calories then water based tuna is what you should be getting, also, water based has higher amounts of Omega-3 than oil based does, the reason is because when you drain the oil from the tuna some of those natural oils get drained too but because water and oil do not mix the natural oils in the tuna stay when the water is drained but, it can be dry. Oil based tuna has more flavor, this type of tuna is preferred when making sandwiches or tuna salad, if you don’t care about the calories then this is the best choice.

Another debate is light vs. white tuna. White tuna is mainly composed of Albacore tuna which is a pretty big fish, while light tuna is composed of Yellowfish or Skipjack. Light tuna is more flavorful but it has less fat and is lower on Omega-3. White tuna is mild in flavor an even though it has more Omega-3 it can contain higher levels of mercury, the FDA recommends consumption to only be once a week while light tuna can be consumed two to three times a week.

In a day to day basis can tuna has saved me on those days I was too tired to remember to defrost meat. I will show you the many different ways you can elevate a can of tuna, those days of only using tuna for a salad or a sandwich are over. So go and grab your favorite type and let’s get creative.

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