Are You Afraid Of The Stove?

Cooking anxiety, lets face it we all had it at some point and is something some of you might be struggling with right now. Before I started on my culinary journey I was scared of burning things, mixing flavors that don’t go together or even worse, get someone sick. Over time as I started experimenting with food and flavors I found out I shouldn’t be scared at all.

Believe it or not Mageirocophobia is the fear of cooking, this is a fear a lot of people struggle with, and I get it, growing up I was not allowed to do much in the kitchen my grandmother didn’t want me near the flames, and for my mom it was worse, she wasn’t allowed in the kitchen period, when she grew up and had to cook for herself she just did the bare minimum, and yes I grew up eating burnt and flavorless food because of it. Is one thing to not like to cook and another to be afraid to cook, with one you just hate the fact that it takes so long to cook and you rather be spending your time with something else with the other one you want to learn how to cook you just lack the confidence to start.

I know the kitchen can seem overwhelming, I know I was! but I’m going to share with you some little tricks I learned along the way and hopefully make the kitchen less stressful for you. For example, I started cooking dishes that I knew were easy dishes, I looked back at my childhood and I started with a very easy Peruvian dish called Lomo Saltado (find my recipe in a post below) the only thing I knew about this dish was the 5 easy ingredients, and it came out decent then I started looking at recipes and seeing how other people made it and eventually I had made it so many times I had come up with my own way of making it, and this is how even to this day I come up with my recipes, looking up recipes as reference for a dish is a great way to start learning about what flavors go together.

Another way if you want to get adventurous is to start experimenting with flavors, scary I know! What I mean by that is that there are four basic elements chefs say you need to have in a dish in order to be well balanced and that is salt, fat, acid, and heat, now I know a lot of people don’t like heat in that case I would add sweet, because you need something sweet to balance the acidity of the dish and that is what in my opinion make a balanced meal.

One trick so your protein is always delicious to never cook cold/still frosted meat, and please do not put the meat in the microwave to defrost, I grew up seeing my mom do that and now I know she was killing the already dead chicken even more. If you forgot to defrost meat just put it in a bowl of water for a few hours, if its too late and you don’t have time for that, don’t worry I got plenty of other recipes that do not require defrosting meat just a tip, if you buy pre-package shrimp that takes a minute to defrost if you just get them off the bag and in water.

I know cooking can seem tedious and sometimes intimidating, I know when I started cooking I felt that way but cooking can give you an outlet to express your creativity and yes there are some recipes out there that are more like Frankenstein’s creation more than delicious recipes, but, at the end of the day a well written recipe is your guide to learning how to cook. Remember measurements are guides, at the end of the day is up to you and your palate to decide if that’s what you like or if you want to add more seasoning; (unless you are baking then you follow the measurements to a TEE), what really matters is a well detail written description of the steps you need to take to accomplish the dish. Just remember to taste as you cook.

Now I know there is a whole lot more about the kitchen and food I can teach you to make you more comfortable, but in my opinion this are the basics in order to get over your fear of the kitchen along with do not cook everything on high heat and always have a sharp knife. Learning how to cook takes time and you will have some failures, is how you learn from those failures that counts. I will always try to write tips and tricks in my recipes to make it easier for you to learn, my goal is to help you become a better cook and give you the confidence I know you have to make great dishes. Cooking is not something you should be afraid to try, who knows, you could be amazing at it if you just give yourself a chance.

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