Here comes my hero…

Have you ever had one of those days at work where all you want to do is just get home, sit on the couch with a big bowl of ice cream and watch tv; well, that is exactly what I wanted to do. After having a tough day at work all I wanted was to […]

Peruvian style Chicken and Rice (Arroz con Pollo)

Every Latin American country has their own version of chicken and rice, this is the most popular dish of all time in our culture. This specific recipe is my take on the the Peruvian style version of that dish which is the only one you will find green rice in. Not a very difficult dish […]

Corn and potato salsa

With Summer here and COVID restrictions lifted in a lot of places, a lot of people are gathering for those BBQ’s and backyard get togethers we could not have last year, and the biggest question for those events remain, what do I bring? Well I have the perfect dish for you, not only is it […]

Estofado de Pollo (Peruvian Chicken Stew)

Now, this dish is not technically a stew, at least not the way I make it. I grew up eating this dish and is one of my favorite dishes from my home country of Peru. This dish was also something I would make myself when I was trying to eat healthy since the way I […]

Fondant Potatoes

Bored of the same old side dishes? Don’t worry this recipe is easy! The first time I heard the name I was a bit intimidated, I honestly thought the cooking process must be long and complicated, but I was wrong. Fondant potatoes are very easy to make. They pair amazing with any protein and they […]

Are You Afraid Of The Stove?

Cooking anxiety, lets face it we all had it at some point and is something some of you might be struggling with right now. Before I started on my culinary journey I was scared of burning things, mixing flavors that don’t go together or even worse, get someone sick. Over time as I started experimenting […]

Around the World – Latin Style

Today I want to highlight how amazing Latin food is by sharing some of my favorite dishes. As I have said before I was born in Peru but I have lived in Miami pretty much my whole life, and I have learned to love all this different cultures and fall in love with their food. […]

Spaghetti Carbonara

10 minute, very easy spaghetti carbonara!

Beef Stir Fry (Lomo Saltado)

Lomo Saltado is a native dish from Peru. Is basically an meat stir-fry with a Peruvian flare. It involves a thin cut stake, French fries, soy sauce and it is usually paired with white rice. If you know anything about Peruvian cooking, this is one of the most highlighted dishes there is, along with Ceviche, […]

My weight loss journey

I was not always that heavy. Weight is something that never really mattered to me – I have always been between the range of 130 lbs. and 140 lbs. and I have always been happy with that. It all started when I began living on my own, I was working a lot. I was tired […]


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